ORIAN -In persian language- refers to the notion of Nudity that is not necessarily related to the body and sexuality, but to the purity too, thus to the truth.

ORIANTHEATRE – born in 2006 in Iran and re-formed in France in 2011 – is a contemporary dance & physical theatre company under the artistic direction of Mehdi FARAJPOUR. The company’s structure is designed as an international network of artists from various disciplines, nationalities & backgrounds.

ORIANTHEATRE is focused on building a new stage language that stands on the borderline of different art forms without entering into any of those specific frames such as Dance, Theatre, Performance Art,…
ORIANTHEATRE has produced 9 performances since 2006 and has been touring in the most of EU countries as well as in Asia. The company is co-producing performances in partnership with festivals and theatres.


The BEST performance award from the 19th International Pula Festival – Croatia, 2013**

Premier: 2012 – Duration / : 55 min – Genre / : Dance & interdisciplinary performance / Danse & l’art multidisciplinaire – Concept, Direction & Choreography : Mehdi Farajpour – Sound & music / : Arnaud Rollat & Phillip Glass – Technical Director : Arnaud Rollat – Dancers : Neus Canalias Avila, Antonio Izquierdo Martínez, Sílvia Brossa I Marí, Quim Vilagran Casanovas, Maria Frigola Butiñà, Mehdi Farajpour – Stage designer : Mehdi Farajpour – Online drawing : Felix Soletic & Valentina Ferarro – Co-producers / Escola de la dansa de Celrà (Rosa Casas) & Théâtre Atenue (Spain) – Oriantheatre Company (France) – International Festival Zadarsnova (Croatia).
Supported by: L’escola de dansa de celrà, Théâtre de l’ATENEU (Spain) / International Festival Zadarsnova / International Pula festival (Croatia).

ETC, ETC was the two very last words written by Antonin Artaud in his last notebook. This was the beginning for Mehdi FARAJPOUR to start a visual research on that moment. The word ETC represents a moment when one prefers to stop talking about a specific subject. That is the time for many people to end up with the word ETC. Very often there is a reason behind this interrupting action. A reason that fonctions as a barrier set up either by the society or by the person itself. In either ways, the result is the same: Limited freedom.

The performance «etc, etc.» is a research on Psychological choreography through which Mehdi Farajpour is talking about the moment of «etc, etc». He explains this very moment through physical expressions, choreography, images, drawing, video, poetry, etc.


Premier: 2013 – Duration: 60 min – Genre: Dance-theatre-Performance– Concept, Direction & Choreography : Mehdi FARAJPOUR – Performers: Antonio Izquierdo Martínez, Neus Canalias Avila, Leena Ritva Koskinen, Maria Korpi-Anttila, Minja Mertanen, Lucija Mikas, Kate Marušić, Magdalena Bodrožić, Ena Begović, Anna Frederika Wilke, Luca Marei Endell, Lara Morlang, Pauline Michel, Samantha Stegbauer & Liliane Koch – Music : Sussan Deyhim, Richard Horowitz & François Sardi – Light Technician : Frane Papić – Sound Technician : Mate Petričević – Assistant to Costume and Set design : Marijana Jakelić – Stage Manager: Juraj Aras – Produced by : Oriantheatre
PARTNERS : Tanzplan (GER), Zadar snova (CRO), Arts Promotion Centre (FIN) & CND – Centre National de la Dance (FRA) – Supported by / avec soutien de: Institut Française, Ministarstvo kulture RH – Thanks to / Merci à: Narodni list, Zadarski list

We live in the world of words, of phrases, sentences and letters. Just a short walk around wherever you live in, would reveal this fact. Names, titles, signs every corners of the city, every street, every shop, every cafes. Add to this all those traffic signs, advertisements, newspapers (with their news whether false or right) and the information whether useful or not. These all are over feeding us with nothing indeed. In a better word, they try to feed us before having hunger. A city without any written word in it becomes a dream at STOP SPOT…
…And then the train does not stop / and I remain in the station for centuries / and the cold wind blows under my skin / even in the midsummer days / under my skin the cold wind remains. / Under my skin……under my skin news / Under my skin news, lies, false news / Under my skin war, hunger, revolutions / Under my skin fast food, Mc Donald, George Bush / Under my skin KFC, D. Cameron, Putin / Under my skin Israel, Gaza, Massacre / Under my skin Oil, War, Persian Gulf / Under my skin Syria, Tunisia, Egypt / Under my skin Hiroshima, Auschwitz, Vietnam, Georgia / Under my skin fire, me and the questions / questions / questions / And under my skin that train is not going to stop in this station, it seems. (by Mehdi FARAJPOUR)


Created in : (2014-2017) – Duration : 60 min – Genre: Dance / Danse – Concept, Direction & Choreography : Mehdi Farajpour – Music : Le sacre du printemps: I. Stravinsky – Video : Linda Markusic (based on original concepts of Mehdi Farajpour).
Performers (2017): Antonio Izquierdo Martínez, Neus Canalias Avila, Tabea Wittulsky, Églantine Chauchaix, Rika Yotsumoto, Hélène Beilvaire, Dimitri Mager, Chawki Derbel, Faustine Verdier, Eva Chauvet, Charlotte Mattei & Agnès Potié.
Coproduced by ORIANTHEATRE & PUF Festival avec soutien de RAMDAM, un centre d’art, Institut Français de l’Allemagne (en 2017) – Accueil en residence: La Briqueterie, Centre National de la Dance (en 2014).

When « body » becomes forbidden and wrapped all in black, erased, either forced to disappear or ignored, and when «love» becomes a taboo, thus celebrating Life – you name it DANCE – has no more sense. «I hate my name» she whispered and continued : «Sayeh, my name is Sayeh that means the Shadow». …Silence…

FORGOTTEN BODIES is the testimony of a child who one day let go off his mother’s hand. He found himself alone, powerless, incapable of identifying her in a crowd of black veiled women. ”Then as long as there will be a child in the world, who is enable to recognize his mother in the middle of all black covered women, I shall always have to worry for this child, as well as for his mom”. M.F

Then I thought: Yes, we can be all called Sayeh when «body» becomes forbidden; but yet we can dance even with hands tied up and lost in the deep darkness. Yes, we all can be called «Sayeh» “. By M. FARAJPOUR

Summer Collection by M.F

Premier : 2016 – Duration : 50 min – Genre: Dance – Concept, Direction & Choreography : Mehdi Farajpour – Music: Mark Lenegan Band, Laurie Anderson, Beethoven – Performers : Neus Canalias Avila, Katrina Elizabeth Bastian, Hélène Beilvaire, Ivona Medic, Toni Mononoke, Dora Brkaric, Vedran Stimac, Valentina Bekina, Lisa Marie Hennig-Olsen, Gaia Radic, Andrea Joksic, Vlado Butkovic, Ana-Maria Horvat, Fran Vozila, Elena Orlic & Pino Ivančić – Video : Danial – Technical Director : Marko Bolkovic.
Co-producing partners : ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company & Festival PUF.

Summer Collection by M.F is a choreographed grotesque show about two words: Fashion and Politics. It is also about different definitions made up by putting these two words together: Fashionable Politics, Political Fashion,… Briefly, Summer Collection by M. F. is about I & WE, about people and their lack of individuality (identity) in our era. Modern human seems to be condemned by himself to Not to exist anymore. He is obviously going to a wrong direction and yet insisting on it by ignoring himself and his natural roots. Summer Collection is a demonstration of human’s mistakes, fragility, nostalgia and loneliness.

Stop,Spot II

Created : 2017 – Duration : 60 min – Genre: Interdisciplinary Choreographic Performance – Concept, Direction & Choreography : Mehdi Farajpour – Performers: Antonio Izquierdo Martínez, Neus Canalias Avila & Gwen Sampé – Music : Szymon Keler, François Sardi, Sussan Deyhim & Richard Horowitz (Desert Equations) – Video & Stage design: Mehdi FARAJPOUR – Production: Oriantheatre Dance Company (FRA)
Performed in Dance Days Chania

We live in the world of words, of phrases, sentences and letters. News, Names, titles, signs are on every corners of every city, every street, every shop, every cafe, every newspaper (with their news whether false or right) and the information whether useful or not. These all are over feeding us with nothing indeed. In a better word, they feed us before even having hunger in order to hide that truth perhaps. The truth that would be revealed one day: “We don’t live any more”.


Creation : 2019 – Duration : 30 min – Genre: Interdisciplinary choreographic performance – Concept, Direction, Choreography : Mehdi Farajpour – Sound Art / Son: Mehdi Farajpour
UK performers (2018): Shelley Eva Haden, Claire Lambert & Laura Vanhulle
FR performers (2019): Neus Canalias Avila, Églantine Chauchaix & Daniela De Lauri.
Produced by : ORIANTHEATRE Dance Company – Supported by BND (Birmingham Dance Network) in frame Birmingham International Dance Festival (UK), Vivid Projects (UK), Théâtre de l’Oulle (Fr) & Digital Village (Fr).

SoundGraphy is a technology based performance using Movement reactive Sound Sensors on the body of performers with the aim of approaching a new notion of dance: Dematerialised Dance.
In SoundGraphy, three dancers are creating music by moving their body (Sensors) into different positions. Without a movement, there is no sound. In other words, SoundGraphy is a collaborative musical composition where dance has a secondary importance. The main aim is to create a musical atmosphere through movement.


Created in / Création: 2017-2019 – Duration / Durée: 60 min – Genre: Dance Installation / Installation chorégraphique – Concept, Direction & Choreography / Conception, mise en scène & Chorégraphie: Mehdi Farajpour – Music / Musique: Steve REICH (Music for 18 musicians) – Video / Vidéo: Mehdi FARAJPOUR
Performers: Neus Canalias Avila, Tabea Wittulsky, Issac Espinoza Hidrobo, Josip Pino Ivancic, Vladimir Butkovic, Maja Tuka, Ivana Natasa Turkovic, Martina Benic, Rocco Bertuzzi, Daria Krepkova, Anika Ghiraldo, Nika Janus.

META is about the LIFE that can last only a short moment or an eternity.
TIME; this strange feeling and abstract dimension that expends its arms from birth to death.
DEATH; which is a part of our life itself as we die in every second of the LIFE and get re-born in a second that follows.
MOMENT; this very present time that is often scarified for a better one in the future.
FUTURE; a MOMENT that has not come yet but we can give the whole LIFE away for it…And this repetition, repetition, repetition…