Collaborating professor at the Higher Conservatory of Dance (Barcelona), Project Cossos Diversos, 2018/19

Dance and Disability Day – Celebration of 25 years of Psycho-Art, INEFC-Barcelona, ​​Friday, December 12, 2014 Talk, “A journey through dance and disability”, Neus Canalias. (link)

Festival Escena Mobile, Sevilla, May 9, 2013 Documentation center of the performing arts Presentation of the final project: inclusive dance, an approach to the educational and artistic work of diversity.

Pablo de Olavide University, Seville March 5, 2014 i meeting on art and social intervention: a thousand ways to look and participate in the presentation table and debate paradigmatic experiences on art and social intervention.

Eclectic Festival. performing arts from the disability, Tarragona 2014 round table, 4th edition of the festival

CSD Institut del Teatre de Barcelona, ​​Barcelona, ​​December 2014 teaching collaboration: subject pedagogies of the 20th century theme: dance and disability

Danza Inclusiva book published in 2013 by the social education laboratory collection, UOC editorial directors of the Segundo Moyano and Jordi Planella collection